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Stolen or missing Redbone Coonhound will die without medication: Reward offered

Beautiful dog, stolen or lost, needs medication to live
Beautiful dog, stolen or lost, needs medication to live
Facebook: Carolina Loving Hound Rescue

This beautiful dog was either lost or stolen in the Dorchester, South Carolina area, Facebook reported February 21.

She's a Redbone Coonhound who is very loved by her dad. It's unknown whether she was stolen, or whether she got out of her yard. In the twenty minutes it took her dad to take a shower, she went missing from the Branchville and Saint George area.

Now for the dilemma. This eight-year-old senior is on medication, and without it she won't live another week. A reward has been offered, no questions asked, for her safe return. She still has on her collar with all of her identification information.

If you have information, please contact or you can call Wade Hamptom Veterinary Clinic at 864-864-244-1658.

Social media has found an unbelievable number of missing and stolen pets. Let's get the word out there and bring this beauty home.