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Stolen Format steals the show at Phil’s Radiator

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Stolen Format lifted more than just spirits at Phil’s Radiator, on Jan. 15. They were the opening act, along with Fear Thru Terror and Myth of Creation. Seven Days Lost was the direct support and Mobile Deathcamp was the headlining act.

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Isaac Vigil is the guitarist, Nate Ward is the drummer and Zach Young is the vocalist and bassist of Stolen Format.
Prior to the start of “More For You”—Vigil, Ward and Young performed a sound check. Shortly after, Vigil and Young met up with Ward and gave each other fist bumps. During the song, Young pointed over to Vigil and he proceeded with a solo. Later, they stood next to and faced other and played their instruments.

Before the start of “The Deviant”—Young thanked the venue and was welcomed with cheers and applause. Then, he introduced the song’s title. After performing the first verse, he stepped away from the microphone and focused his attention on his bass. After the sound of the guitar subsided, Ward lightly struck his cymbals as Young played the bass. Soon after, Young pointed to Vigil for him to perform another solo.

Ward and Young took a brief beverage break, prior to “Solace”. Afterwards, Young mentioned the song was available on their newest EP. They began with a lengthy instrumental, as Ward mainly struck the cymbals. After he raised his drumsticks in an ‘X’ form and brought them down on his drum set, Young provided the vocals.

Young introduced Vigil twice, before “Serenading The Boredom” got underway. He lightened up the atmosphere in the room and complimented him on his looks. Then, he introduced Ward and then himself. As Vigil began to play his guitar, Young dedicated the song to those who found ways to occupy their time. After the first chorus—he joked with the spectators a bit more and asked if they were still awake out there, before continuing on.

“Radaralis” brought an end to Stolen Format’s concert. Young thanked everyone who made the show possible and complimented the fans. He requested the crowd to move—as he and Vigil jumped and played in place. Despite not having a microphone, Vigil assisted with backup vocals. He then attempted to get the crowd to rhythmically clap with him, during the final instrumental. As he did so, Young thanked the crowd again and for them to find them on various social networking sites.