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Stolen dogs in America

Help save dogs from thieves and those up to no good!
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There is nothing more heart wrenching for any parent than to lose a child. Some may not consider pets to be family members but for those individuals that have sincerely invested their lives, hearts and souls to their furry kids, they would beg to differ.

When a child (furry or human) goes missing, a part of your heart goes with them. This is what happened to a family in Chico, California about a week ago. Instead of a happy reunion, the family had to prepare a burial instead.

Cody, the family’s six-year-old miniature Australian shepherd was stolen right off of their gated property and about a week later was returned dead. The dog had been poisoned! The family is heartbroken!

Having been a victim before, it is understandable to run the gamut of emotions! Upon moving to Illinois in 1990, I left my three-and-a-half-year-old Beagle Zeke at my parent’s home while I got settled. Unbeknownst to me there were some teens in the neighborhood playing some dangerous games with animal ritualism involved.

When my dog was let out to play (we lived on a dead-end street on lake property), he followed the neighbor dog who had been lured by these no-good teens. When Zeke persisted and continued to bark, one of the young men turned around and shot him; the bullet passing straight through both kidneys. By the time my mom could even get my boy across the road, he had lost about two-thirds of his blood supply.

Since we lived several miles from the veterinarian that we used, Zeke lost his fight to survive and was pronounced dead-on-arrival. My heart broke. It took me many years to get the nerve up to love another dog, fearful that it would, too, be taken too early from me.

So it is with great understanding that my heart goes out to this family and Cody’s sister (his littermate), Callie. There will be a hole left that this beautiful dog once filled.

It is with great hope that the culprits in this case are caught and justice is done. In Zeke’s case, the laws were not as stringent, so many dogs lost their lives to those that played sad, dangerous games. The kids were discovered but basically got their hands slapped and released from jail with a warning. Too many dogs lost their lives then and still do today as is witnessed in this recent story.

There is never a good excuse to take a life of another living being. The people that look for excuses need to thoroughly examine their conscience because they are not only hurting the animals but the families associated with those animals as well. Many dogs are considered to be members of families throughout our world and are greatly missed when thoughtlessly taken away!

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