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Stolen dog recovering at New Mexico vet hospital after being doused with acid

Stormy is improving, but will need another surgery on her open wounds.
Stormy is improving, but will need another surgery on her open wounds.
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A sweet black and white pit bull named Stormy is recovering from severe acid burn wounds on her back after someone doused her with acid over the weekend reported The dog was found wandering near the Lovington Dump in Hobbs, New Mexico and is currently being treated and recuperating at the Dal Paso Animal Hospital.

According to Dr. Keith Cloward, the veterinarian caring for Stormy, he stated:

"In my opinion, this is just a horrible, horrible person that inflicted this damage to this dog."

Dr. Coward said that the dog may have been destined to be used for dog fighting.

"They'll throw acid on the young puppy to see if it becomes vicious and attacks its litter mates. The ones that do are kept and raised and trained to fight. The ones that are not are usually killed."

In another scenario, Stormy may have wandered into the wrong yard or the dog fighters decided to abandon her. Luckily, Stormy was rescued, and it was discovered the dog had been stolen from her own backyard.

So far Stormy has had one surgery and is scheduled for more treatment with Dr. Cloward stating:

"We have to debride one of the wounds again today. Poor girl needs a lot of time and antibiotics to heal."

Thankfully people have been donating to the Del Paso Animal Hospital for Stormy's treatment. She is expected to make a full recovery. If you would like to help Stormy, please click here for more information.

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