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'Stolen Child' Lifetime movie: True story cases

"Stolen Child" is movie inspired by a true story. "Stolen Child" came to television in 2012 on Lifetime television. It is directed Michael Feifer and written by Peter Sullivan and Jodi Ticknor. The cast stars Tichina Arnold Tyler Allen and Barry Barnholtz.

"Stolen Child" synopsis plot

Tells the story of an American couple who adopts a beautiful child from an illegal adoption agency in Europe, only to find out later the child was stolen.

As stated in the advertisement for the movie, it is inspired by a true story. The real names of the real people were changed for the film. But, there were a few true-story cases involving stolen children that made headlines in the last few years that could have served as a basis for the movie.

Case 1:
In 2008, Timothy and Jennifer Monahan, an American couple, adopted four-year-old Anyeli Hernandez Rodriguez from Guatamala. The child was abducted from her mother Loyda Rodriguez and sold to a child trafficking ring, according to ABC News.

Case 2:

In 1991, Dora Martinez-Meraz delivered a baby girl. She had the baby at a clinic where the babies are delivered by midwives. Dora remembered giving birth but said her baby was missing after she woke up. The infant had been illegally sold to an underground baby market who later sold the infant to a Colorado couple. Dora Martinez-Meraz got her baby back and returned to Mexico.

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