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Stolen brains: Brain bandit nabbed peddling some 60 brains on Ebay
Stolen brains for sale? Yes, says crook David Charles. Use your head son... not a good idea.

Stolen brains for sale? Evidently so, reports CNN on Friday. In a truly bizarre story of a thief looking to turn a quick profit, a 21-year-old man from Indiana was caught peddling 60 stolen brains from dead mental patients on Ebay.

Perhaps David Charles added another brain for sale – his own. This dimwitted crook decided his employment at Dairy Queen (where he was allegedly selling the jarred brains) was not quite enough to cover his expenses, and rather than look for different employment, he opted to vend some canned noggins.

Investigators said the stolen brain tissue was taken from the Indiana Medical History Museum in Indianapolis, and that the looted organs came out of deceased psychiatric patients from autopsies performed in the 1890s, the Indy Star reported.

Is there a market for such macabre items?

Evidently so. Police said Charles had already completed some sales of the brains and went back for more. The museum had reported a number of break-ins over the last several months. One of the “buyers” actually blew Charles in, when he realized that the 100-year-old brains he purchased might be connected to the thefts.

According to police, Charles didn’t make much of attempt to conceal his illicit behavior, posting to Facebook:

“Yo I got a bunch of human brains in jars for sale hmu [hit me up] for details u know u want one for Halloween,” Charles wrote back on October 14.

So police set up an undercover sting at Dairy Queen on Dec. 16 and nabbed the brain-seller.

Charles is charged with theft and (since it’s always a good idea to have some illegal drugs on you when you are committing a crime) he was also charged with possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

One can sell some truly wacky items on Ebay. There’s even an “Oddities” category that is replete with uncanny wares. However, human organs are forbidden. To buy or sell them is a felony under federal law.

According to CNN, the list of prohibited items includes Native American grave-related items such as skulls and skeletons intended for medical research, Tibetan prayer skulls, organs, bones, blood, waste products, body fluids and sperm.

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