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Stolen airport bags - don't load your horse trailer without your horse

There are numerous means and methods that you can use when loading your horse trailer.  Usually you load one or more horses.   However, it is not advisable is to frequently use your horse trailer without a horse and visit a major airport at night without being a traveler.  A recent AOL article describes the circumstances which caught the attention of airport security in Phoenix and lead to the arrests of Keith and Stacy King on charges of burglary and evidence tampering.

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 Apparently, the suspect had been running this 'business' for quite a while because almost a thousand bags were spotted at his home upon the serving of a search warrant.  Tongue-in-cheek, maybe it would have been better to rent the Clydesdale-size trailer shown in the following slide show, make one trip and call it done.


  • Pat 4 years ago

    Keep your luggage. It is always so much better to carry on than to check!