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Stocks we're examining under 1......IWEB solid pickup from .12 to .17.

Friday, June 15, 2012
Stocks under 1 sturring

VELA near term oversold recent discussions....Keep reminding, that in spite of weakness, the company is set to ramp significantly in 4G sales with recent acquisitions....Also recall ramping on their partnership with ZTE and Chinese Ministry approval to move forward....
VELA 12:10pm EDT 0.0110 0.0003 2.80% 1,757,791

VelaTel Announces It Has Finalized Its ZTE Financing Contract to Deploy and Expand Its Wireless Networks in Croatia and MontenegroMarketwire(Tue, May 15)

VelaTel Has Reached Key Milestones With VN Tech's Hydrogen Back Up Power DevicesMarketwire(Thu, Apr 26)
China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has granted approval of VN Tech's hydrogen fuel cells for use in telecommunications base transceiver stations (BTS).

Recall VSUL very rapid growth in corp id sector....Keep seeing accumulation near a dime.
VSUL 12:24pm EDT 0.12 0.02 14.81% 220,265 117,359

TransTech to Provide Products and Support for About the Kids Foundation Business Wire Thurs 09:00am EDT

Recall MIMV ongoing support at .20 ....keeps bouncing back near .50.....acquisition target on their search engine / technology
MIMV 12:02pm EDT 0.25 0.02 10.62% 54,222 13,152

PLSB 4 distribution deals in the last two weeks..
PLSB 11:46am EDT 0.56 0.02 3.70% 30,725 28,292

Pulse Secures Oklahoma City Metro MillerCoors Distributor for Its Cabana(TM) 100% Natural Lemonade Marketwire Thurs 09:00am EDT

Bullish comments on PLSB today
Posted by greenbackers at 11:07 AM

IWEB best penny chart this week in terms of general strength....from .12 to .17....similiar run to late May run to .18 on news of surge in orders.

IceWEB Positions Itself for Rapid GrowthMarketwire(Tue, May 29)

IceWEB has received a surge in orders since the beginning of 2012, ...IceWEB reported its second consecutive quarter of double-digit revenue growth earlier this month, with a 49% topline increase quarter-over-quarter.... IceSTORM was developed with an API structure that opens IceWEB up to an entire market of potential OEM agreements, a number of which are in discussions at this time..... (regarding) ..its 1.8-petabyte IceWEB 7000, has been recently deployed by enterprises scaling into the Global 50. IceWEB's products not only beat traditional storage vendors on performance, features and price, but are also in fact replacing traditional vendors in many cases due to IceWEB's lab-tested 71,000 IOPs, IceCAP SSD tiering, award-winning replication and countless other key factors.

Disclosure: Long VSUL, VELA

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