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Stocking stuffers for twins and multiples

Split up this mini puzzles 2 pack  ($3.49) to fill your twins' stockings with Christmas morning fun.
Split up this mini puzzles 2 pack ($3.49) to fill your twins' stockings with Christmas morning fun.

Just when you think you are finally done Christmas shopping, you remember you still need goodies to fill the stockings of your children.

Stocking stuffers are a great way to capitalize on the ability of twins or multiples to keep each other entertained, allowing you to sleep in a little longer on Christmas morning; this can be especially helpful if you were up late playing Santa. 

Consider letting your twins or multiples claim their stockings first thing in the morning, or slipping the stockings into their rooms while they are sleeping.

Here are some inexpensive stocking stuffers can keep your twins or multiples occupied while you catch a few extra Zs:

  • Playing cards.  Buy a different game for each child; or divvy up the games included in a 3-in-1 set like Disney Fairies, or a 4-in-1 set like Disney Princesses or Cars.   Check your local Target before ordering online.
  • Miniature puzzles.  Split up a 2-pack like these Winnie the Poo, Mickey Mouse or Disney Fairies puzzles.  Walmart also carries an extensive collection of miniature puzzles.
  • Miniature coloring books and crayons, such as these Mini Tropical Activity Sets.  You can give the extras to nieces and nephews, or save them to be included with birthday presents for friends of your children.
  • Small picture books for younger children or paperback novels for older children.
  • A small age appropriate holiday craft

These small gifts make great stocking stuffers for twins or multiples even if you prefer not to let them claim their stockings before you wake up. 

Have another suggestion? Share it in the comments below!


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