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Stock Show gets rid of the animal feeding exhibit

In the wake of last years E. coli outbreak among children who visited the "Feed the Animals" exhibit, the Stock Show has decided to do away with it this year.  At the 2009 Stock Show, 30 children were infected with E.coli after coming into contact with the animals.

The Stock Show will still have many animal exhibits and the petting zoo.  However, officials of the show strongly recommend washing hands after petting the animals to prevent illness.  The problem remains though, that children can get E.coli from any infected animal they come into contact with, so it is not entirely clear why the petting zoo made the cut, but the animal feeding did not.

Whatever you do, be sure to wash any body parts that come into contact with the animals and you can even go so far as to wash stroller wheels, shoes and clothes immediately upon getting home so that should you have the infection lurking anywhere you get rid of it before contact is made with toys, food or furniture at home.

It's no secret that little kids love animals and to be able to touch them is an exciting experince.  Making sure to wash up afterwards will ensure that the experience doesn't turn sour down the road for your child and your entire family.