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Stock 2014 GT500 Mustang Embarrasses Mopars At Their Own Show

Snow Performance 2014 Mustang was invited to compete in the pony wars at a Mopar Show and burns the competition.
Snow Performance 2014 Mustang was invited to compete in the pony wars at a Mopar Show and burns the competition.
Snow Performance

It's not likely Matt Snow of Snow Performance will ever be invited back to the Mopars At The Strip Show as a participant in the Pony Car Wars event. Snow, the owner of Snow Performance who manufacturers the leading water-methanol injection systems for performance cars and turbo-diesel pickups, entered his 2014 GT500 Mustang into two events, and ended up blowing away the competition.

The 2014 GT500 Mustang is stock, with the exception of a larger 2.4-inch supercharger pulley, an FMS oval throttle body, and the new Snow Performance Comp-One water-methanol injection system. One of the events Snow participated in was the dyno shootout, (supercharged category), in which the Mustang won the competition by making 700 rear-wheel horsepower on standard 92-octane pump gasoline. "The other competitors in the dyno competition, Challengers and Camaros, were using racing fuel," says Snow. "With the water-methanol injection system the engine was adding only four-degrees of additional timing with 500ml/minute of water-methanol."

Water-methanol has been widely used to lower combustion chamber temperatures that allow for additional timing to be used by the engine to make more power. The water-methanol system used on the Mustang uses a 50-percent water-to-methanol mixture that is sprayed into the engine's air intake system, and is controlled via a microprocessor.

After defeating the competition on the dyno, Snow entered the Mustang in the drag-strip event, in which the car ran 11.4 seconds at 128.8 miles-per-hour, running on a set of Nitto 315/30R20 NT-01R tires and 4.10 rear-end gears. Snow posted the fastest time to beat the competition and take home two event wins from the show.

Snow definitely proved that water-methanol injection can definitely provide added gains in power. According to Snow, water-methanol injection systems can provide up to a 20 percent increase in horsepower in boosted applications and can even improve fuel economy from five to 15 percent, depending on how the vehicle is driven. More information on Snow's 2014 Mustang and the performance results are available on the company's blog at

More information on water-methanol injection for diesel and gasoline powered vehicles can be found on the company's website,

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