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Knitting with Stitch-Maps
Knitting with Stitch-Maps
JC BRiar

If you knit, you have come across a chart or stitch graph. We are familiar with the symbolic representation of a chart on graph paper. Stitch maps are "knitting charts drawn without grids so you can see how the fabric flows", says JC Briar. JC is responsible for the redesign of knitting charts. She is experienced in computer graphics and a former software developer.

Want to try out a stitch map? Her site let's you control the display. Find out what type of display makes you most comfortable for following. Play with the 'Feather and Fan' pattern. Browse 557 stitch-map patterns and the number continues to grow. A symbol key is included. Traditional graph chart symbols are the same for stitch maps.

When knitting a cable or lace pattern it is exceptionally easy to see the movement as well as the result of a decrease (k2 together). If you are also a should find it easy to follow. Graphic representation is here to stay. So give it a try. See if you find this easier to follow.