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Stingy with napkins: Man sues McDonalds over napkin controversy

This Calif. man wanted more than one napkin
This Calif. man wanted more than one napkin
Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

McDonalds is sometimes stingy with napkins and ketchup, and one California man is doing something about it. According to a Feb. 27 article on, Webster Lucas is suing McDonalds after a visit to the Pacoima, Calif., restaurant in which he experienced a confrontation with a manager when he asked for more than one napkin. He claims to have suffered “undue mental anguish” and is asking for $1.5 million in damages.

The plaintiff had asked for more napkins and was told in an allegedly rude way that he had already gotten some. While many customers might actually think getting only one napkin with your Quarter Pounder Deluxe, as Lucas did, would be grounds for a lawsuit, there was a bit more to the story.

There is a racial element to the claims in the lawsuit. Lucas, a black man, claimed that the Hispanic manager used the term, “you people” in their exchange over the napkins. He claimed that he was not even able to work after this confrontation.

The free hamburgers that were offered as an apology after Lucas emailed the general manager about his experience were quite insulting to him. He decided he would rather have $1.5 million.

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