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Stingray Z06 At The Classic Car Club NY X GM Auto Show

April 16, 2014: in a F#%k the Crowds @ The New York Auto Show special event, GM provided a sneak peek at the brand spankin’ new Corvette Stingray Z06 and the Camaro Z28 for invitees and members of the Classic Car Club Manhattan.

Classic Car Club Manhattan X GM Corvette Stingray NY Auto Show 2014-slide0
Fred & the GT40
Fred Harper

The new ‘Vette sounded off with a beautiful ROAR when started!

She was unveiled in a sexy yellow and black color scheme with a fantastic array of close and subtle lines and dips in the body – many of which are lost in photos – as the art of the aerodynamics adds a lot of dips and flowing curves to sick lines on the car’s top, hood, and sides.

I was a lucky guest of Classic Car Club member and artist Fred Harper, who had no qualms about pushing the GT40 to a start.

You might ask: what is so special about these two new animals in the speedy General Motors lineup?

Well, to begin they are really freakin’ fast!

The newest ‘Ray sports at least 625 horsepower from a supercharged powerplant, 8-speed transmission, and the aerodynamic team devised a state-of-the-art design to tear through the air.

The 2014 Camaro Z-28 marks a return to the speedy models of previous generations with a 425 horses, 0-60 mph in 5 seconds.

The inside of the Z-28 is where the car blows away all of its Camaro contemporaries, as a digital gauge rests between the speedometer and tachometer (for programming your own super gauge?) alongside luxury and comfort previously only found in one pony car, the 1960’s Ford Cougar (a luxurious clone of the Mustang from the same years).

Part of the fun was seeing what drivable models the CCC had on hand, like their gorgeous 1968 Firebird convertible, their Cobra kit car, and, of course the infamous GT40, which emanates a look and feel of racing.

The CCC’s flagship location, where they hosted this event, is in SoHo, Manhattan, though it was started in London, 1995: Classic Car Club is the first club of its kind to give members the keys to the most staggeringly stylish fleet of cars ever assembled [].

If you are a car buff, or a speed demon, or both, the new GM racers and the Classic Car Club Manhattan offer up a lot of potential fun.

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