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Sting to WWE rumors persist

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Former WCW World Champion Sting has often said he would like to finish his career in the WWE and it would appear he may just end up doing just that.

Some reports have Sting already signing a legends contract with the WWE that would include induction into the WWE Hall of Fame if not this year then next and a limited number of appearances.

Speculation has Sting taking on The Undertaker at WrestleMania XXX but according to sources close to the situation that match is unlikely to happen. Brock Lesnar is currently scheduled to square off against The Undertaker and unless something drastic happens it looks like that match is a lock.

With The Ultimate Warrior being inducted into the Hall of Fame this year it would make sense to include Sting since the two broke into the business together as a tag team called the Blade Runners. After literally being run out of the USWA in Memphis the Warrior went to Texas and WCCW while Sting went to the Mid -South working for Bill Watts.

An interesting aside about Sting and his time in the Mid-South was his indoctrination into the business courtesy of "Dirty" Dick Slater. Slater was involved with lady wrestler and valet Dark Journey and was very protective of her. Sting and Journey would up having a short lived affair because once Slater learned of the affair he dished out some locker room justice which included an ass whipping so bad that Sting considered leaving the business.

The WWE has focused on WCW footage of late and the feeling is Sting would bring a fresh face to the hosting/commentary of WCW classic showings on the new WWE Network.

A WWE produced Sting documentary and best of match compilation are also thought to be in the planning stages.

What is unknown is how much Sting will be involved in the ring to begin with but some believe that the culmination of Sting's career would be in the ring against The Undertaker at WrestleMania XXXI.

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