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Sting speaks on if a match with Undertaker still makes sense without the streak

Sting has been somewhat a part of WWE for a couple of months now, but there is still the wonder if he will ever actually step into a ring for the company. Going further, many wonder if the ultimate dream match of Sting against the Undertaker will ever get the chance of happening, and on Aug. 16, 2014, WrestleZone reported his thoughts on it.

Could a match between Sting and Undertaker still happen?

With Sting aging and the Undertaker obviously not in the best of shape after his loss to Brock Lesnar at "WrestleMania XXX," the match is in limbo.

That's not to say the match was ever really going to happen, but it's the hope of wrestling fans around the world. Still, it's a wonder if Undertaker will come back at all with the streak now broken, and Sting was asked if a match even makes sense without that intact.

Sam Roberts caught up with Sting at the "WWE 2k15" panel and asked him if he still wants to wrestle Undertaker.

Sting did say that a match between himself and Undertaker doesn't need to "the streak" to actually take place. He said they really don't need a storyline at all because it's something that fans have been waiting to happen for decades.

He also continued on to say that he doesn't believe Undertaker is done wrestling just yet and he isn't ready to walk away, per Wrestling Inc.

This is the closest Sting has ever come to saying he would wrestle in WWE, and it really appears as if he wants at least one more match and he wants it to be with Undertaker. As for who he would like to face on the current roster, Sting said it made sense for him to fight someone from his generation and that he's never wrestled.

The Undertaker easily fits those qualifications.

Sting went on to talk about appearing in the new video game, the promo for it, wrestling Ric Flair on the last episode of "Nitro," and more. Check out the video above for all his comments.

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