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Sting makes WWE debut during Ultimate Warrior tribute show

According to an April 16 report from Mstars News, legendary pro wrestler Sting made his WWE debut this week with a surprise appearance during a tribute show to Ultimate Warrior. Sting, 54, is arguably the most famous and popular wrestler to have never competed inside the WWE ring, so fans were shocked to see him make a cameo for the promotion.

Sting made his WWE debut this week
Photo by Scott Barbour/Getty Images

Sting, who spent most of his storied career competing under the TNA banner, made his debut on the WWE Network, the WWE's new online channel that features original and archived pro wrestling content. The WWE has been giving the WWE Network a major push lately, as they try to move forward and away from the pay-per-view model.

It appears the WWE will be using Sting to help promote the WWE Network and possibly use him in some other capacity, besides just wrestling. That certainly would make sense, being that Sting is now in his mid-50s. Sting is still a huge name, but he's past his wrestling prime. The WWE obviously thinks its worth it to use him as a bit of a brand ambassador to push WWE Network subscription sales.

Sting and Ultimate Warrior were great friends, so it was a touching moment to see the legend make his WWE debut just as the rest of the wrestling community said their goodbyes to the departed superstar. As WWE Universe knows by now, Ultimate Warrior passed away less than a month ago due to a heart attack. Sting appeared on the WWE Network to pay his respects.

Sting's appearance on the WWE Network would seem to indicate that he has a working relationship with the WWE, but there is no word yet from the promotion that he has officially signed on. In fact, Wrestling Inc. reported that the WWE told security to remove any Sting-related signs that fans had during the recent Monday Night Raw that went down in Birmingham.

The WWE has reportedly sent Sting a contract to sign, but he hasn't yet sent it back. All signs seem to indicate that Sting is ready to come on board as the WWE moves forward into the future. Time will tell how the situation plays out.

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