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Stilton blue cheese with citrus and figs and Belgian Lambics

So, a while back on New Year's Eve some friends of mine brought over a bunch of food and snacks. Among this food was cheese as Stilton with citrus and dates pressed into it. I'm big on cheese I eat it I make it I love it. Stilton is a type of blue cheese that's not being made in the quantities it was once made in though.
The cheese is really sweet and big on the citrus with faint flavors of dates or figs. This got me started thinking beer. What kind of beer to go with it? At first I thought a really big & citrusy IPA but being that there's a lot of citrus in the cheese made me think Lambics and stouts, dry stouts perhaps even ESBs’. Something really bitter & dry. Oh how I wish I had a Lambic and not those fruited ones just a straight up funktastic Lambic perhaps a Cuvee de Rene. Even a well aged Orval would be good.

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