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Stillman College, Presbyterian Church Founder, Black College

College in Alabama
College in Alabama
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In 1876 the Presbyterian Church was the founder of Stillman College that is located in Tuscaloosa, AL. The purpose of the college was to train ministers. In 1937 it was enlarged to become a junior college, and in 1948 a four year college Stillman College awarded their first baccalaureate in 1951. The college is only 45 minutes from the city of Birmingham, AL, which is the largest city in the State of Alabama. It is a small college, and it may be because of their religious origins.

Stillman College - PO Box Drawer 1430 - Tuscaloosa, AL 35403

Academic Degrees:


Business Administration



Computer Science




Health & Physical Education











The tuition is not very high and if you want to study in the south it could be beneficial to check out the school. The large Presbyterian Church's Headquarters is located in Atlanta, GA.

4 - Year Black Colleges & Universities in Alabama:

Alabama Agriculture & Mechanical University

Alabama State University

Miles College

Oakwood College

Selma University

Talladega College

Tuskegee University

Tuskegee University was founded in 1881 by Booker T. Washington. It is one of the best known black colleges. it has national recognition all over the US. The campus was built by former slaves. Tuskegee University was the first college to be cited as a National Historic Site Landmark. It sits on 240 acres and they have residential halls for students, and about of the students live on campus. Most Americans have heard of the Tuskegee Black Military
Pilots that tour the country each year. It is exciting that they were segregated and remained as a top military pilots that was instrumental inn opening the door for blacks in the Military.

The programs that are outstanding are in Engineering, Aerospace Science, and Veterinary Medicine.

The University was one of the first to be recognized as producing outstanding men that served in the Military in the United States Military, that help to gain freedom for our country.

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