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Still Valley rocks the foundation of Gozefest at Phil’s Radiator

Still Valley rocks the foundation of Gozefest at Phil's Radiator.
Still Valley rocks the foundation of Gozefest at Phil's Radiator.
Sareth Ney/

PUEBLO, Colo.—Still Valley brought the rumble to the concrete jungle known as Phil’s Radiator, on May 25. They were the opening act, along with: The Chelios Condition, Floaty Raft, Despicable Dialects, Render Them Useless, Alone, Stolen Format and The Widowhood Effect. Bridges was the direct support and Gozer was the headliner.

Still Valley rocks the foundation of Gozefest at Phil’s Radiator.
Sareth Ney/

David Grimm is the drummer, Nick Pryor is the plays the Sunn amps and guitar and Joe Cherry is the bassist and vocalist of Still Valley.

Cherry greeted the crowd, before Still Valley began their performance with “Wizard Sleeve”. Grimm stepped on the pedal and triggered the hi-hat. Shortly after, he struck his cymbal and the rest of his band mates accompanied him. After a lengthy instrumental introduction, Cherry provided the vocals. As the song continued and the tempo slowed down, Pryor performed a guitar solo.

Grimm and Cherry did not let the venue to become silent, as they let their instruments screech through the monitors. As the sound remained constant—they took a beverage break, prior to the start of “Hammer The Sky”. As they proceeded to play the song, Cherry stepped away from the microphone stand and walked near the back of the stage. From there—he turned around, faced his bass towards his monitor, fed off the reverb and Pryor did the same thing to his amplifier.

As the crowd cheered, Cherry thanked the audience for their appreciation. Prior to the start of “Torgo”, Grimm displayed his ability to twirl the drum sticks between his fingers. Similar to “Wizard Sleeve”, Still Valley began with a lengthy instrumental introduction. Members of the audience walked around near the front of the stage and made devil horns with their fingers. Shortly after, Pryor placed his foot on his guitar pedal. He shifted his foot back and forth and manipulated the sound of his guitar.

“Blood Eagle” brought an end to Still Valley’s concert. The band mates faced each other and held a brief discussion amongst each other. After Cherry made his way back to his microphone stand, he thanked everyone whom stayed for their performance. A spectator noticed Pryor and waved to him and he nodded back, as he continued to play. Afterwards, Grimm gave away one of his drum sticks to a female fan. While other spectators walked on stage, congratulated them and gave each other hugs.

“Space Coyote” was also a part of Still Valley’s set.