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Still time to seduce your valentine but don't dawdle

Always joy in a love letter and today is a very good time to send one
Always joy in a love letter and today is a very good time to send one
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Valentine’s Day, as you know, is tomorrow. And, uh-oh for those of us who are still in a fog over what gift will deliver the message best. So many wonderful gifts that you can get last minute, although the lines will be long and the prices high. Chocolate candy, perfect for the short term, but it won’t last for long, well, unless it ends up on your hips, a most efficient but usually unwelcome storage place. Flowers, perfect for the short term, but even those carefully pressed and stored petals will crumble and perish pretty quickly.

What is the best way to deliver the passion, the devotion, the hope? Yes, a love letter. How is it best? Let me count the ways. A love letter is a completely original gift that cannot be duplicated by the others standing in line at the candy or flower shop, because it is a gift custom designed by you for one person on this planet. Originality is a gift all its own. A love letter will not droop in the vase and will not be stored as unwanted pounds. It will never go out of style. It will last for generations and get even better with time. You cannot re-read that box of candy, but that love letter will be a permanent visible and sensuous reminder of someone’s love.

The cost of this gift is about the lowest you can find, while the value is priceless. For 49 cents (yes, of course, plus the cost of the stationery), you can send your whole heart to someone and be right on schedule for tomorrow. You know that the post office, an outfit with a history of reliability, courage and romance, usually delivers a regular envelope the next day, but if you are concerned and want to spend a little more, you can send it overnight, and the urgency of special delivery, or priority is a passionate message in its own right.

Now down to the specifics of that love letter. Can you email it? No. Can you print it out from your computer? No. Handwriting is essential. How long should it be? Well, that famous three little words will do just fine. But more can be better. And, steamier. How about the memory of the first time you ever felt the touch of that person’s hand? Or lips? How about the physical quality you love best? Maybe how the very sight of that person makes you feel? Any or all of it will do very nicely.

Another advantage is that you can send a love letter not only to someone whose heart you already have but also to someone whose heart you would like to have. A great valentine can be casual, a hello with an open door, so, yes, you can trade in the “I love you,” or “Please be mine,” for something less intense, unless you are one brave soul willing to risk it all on 3 words.

Still want to send chocolates or flowers? Great. Just send the love letter with it. If you want to present the whole shebang at a romantic dinner, you might want to let it be known that the flowers (candy, jewelry, lingerie) are for now but the letter for later because reading a love letter is a delicious private moment. By the way, if you want to give someone a book on romance (there happens to be a rather original Valentine event tonight in San Francisco), and you can use the inside page of any book to write your love letter. Okay, enough time spent here. Go write one and get to your partner in romance, the U.S. post office, if you want it delivered by tomorrow. Or go write one and set it aside for tomorrow night in person.

From me to you with love in the air (and on paper from you to someone),

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