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Still searching for a job?

Don't give up just yet. It may be turning around.
Don't give up just yet. It may be turning around.

If you are still job hunting, you may not find or even be looking for, the career you would like to have. But, at this point, just having a job at all would be a good thing. Ads keep popping up all over the internet and, of course, you can’t always trust everything you read, but, here are a few leads that may be worth looking into. Supposedly, they are all hiring this week.

Sears: Almost a household name, Sears has been around for over 100 years. Badly in need of upgrading and re-organization, they have recently hired a new retail exec. who plans on doing just that. They are now looking for employees for their service, retail, and sales departments. If you don’t find your state and the job your looking for here, try your local Sears or Kmart store and see if they have anything available. There’s sure to be one near you.

Citi: Originally referred to as Citybank, Citigroup Inc. is a huge conglomeration world wide. The company has survived the economic crisis and is currently looking for employees to fill jobs in banking, finance, and accounting. Check out available jobs at Citigroup here. Remember to check out your local Citi Bank, if your state is not listed here.

AT&T Retail: Cell phones are here to stay and are increasingly replacing land phones as one of our the major sources of communication. A major corporation and one know throught the world, they are said to offer excellent salaries and benefits. It appears that there are lots of sales, retail, and customer service jobs available throughout the country. See if your state is on the list so you can give them a try. Or make a few calls and/or email your local AT&T company.

Other companies posting on line available jobs this week are: Terminix, Macy’s, Concentra, Trugreen, United Health Group, Hertz, and Chipotle.