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Still no word from Katelyn Marie Craven

Still no word from Katelyn Craven
Still no word from Katelyn Craven
Facebook page

On January 27, supporters of Scott Edward Craven opened a Facebook page titled, “Katelyn Craven call dad.” The page was opened in an attempt to reconnect Scott with his daughter, Katelyn Marie Craven.

Katelyn left over a disagreement with her parents allegedly over her boyfriend. Katelyn was living with her father at the time.

Scott has not spoken with Katelyn in over 2 ½ yrs. In the beginning Scott reported that he knew she was angry and wanted to give her a little time to cool down. As time went on he began to worry. Scott did not report Katelyn as a missing person, but exercised private methods of searching. So private that
until recently even friends of the family did not know of Katelyn’s disappearance.

On January 23, when Kimberly Eldridge, Katelyn’s mother made a public request via Facebook for assistance. Eldridge plea went viral within hours. People from all around the world shared Katelyn’s post, offered kind words, prayer and assistance. Kind words were not the only posts that were found; many felt Eldridge request and mannerism difficult to believe.

Only 30 hours after Eldridge posted the request for the public’s assistance, a post was made stating, ”Do not contact me as to where she is. She wishes for this to remain private.” Within minutes of posting that Katelyn had been located, Eldridge began removing post and pictures of Katelyn that were used. Eldridge then began changing her background on her Facebook page. Oddly enough she changed from the picture of her daughter, to one of a black hole, moonlight, sunshine and clouds, hands holding the world and one that states dreaming of Spring. The most interesting background that was flashed up for only minutes was of Ez. 36:26 And I will give you a new heart, and I will put a new Spirit in you. I will take out your stony, stubborn heart and give you a responsive, new heart.

Eldridge actions caused many to believe the story as a hoax, but the postings and correspondence with Katelyn’s father left a different impression. Post could be found about Katelyn missing on Scott’s FB timeline as far back as 2011. Scott's post seemed to display his care and concern for his daughter.

When Scott made the announcement that Katelyn had been found, he stated that it looked like the state of Virginia had found Katelyn and that she was alive. Craven went on to say that they should be able to confirm Katelyn's identity tomorrow, but that it was looking like it was her and she was OK.

The day after Katelyn was found. Scott informed the examiner that Katelyn had emailed her step-father and requested that the search stop and the post be taken down.Scott was contacted and shown the email. Scott was glad to find out that Katelyn had made contact and was alright, but he is still eager to make verbal communication with Katelyn.

Even though Katelyn was announced as found many questions still exist. Thousands of people offered assistance in searching for Katelyn and over 103 countries read post, articles and watched and waited for such an announcement, but when the it came many questioned it's credibility.

When Sheila Carroll of the examiner contacted the Virginia State and the Alexandria police, confirmation that Katelyn had ever been in their system or that either department participated in finding her could not be made.

Today, Jan. 29th is Katelyn’s birthday; she will turn 22 years-old. Will this be the day that she contacts her family or friends?

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