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Still building season at Civitas Mission Valley

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Rows of Circa 37 townhomes built just north of Friars Road, west of I-805 off Mission Center Road, take in the San Diegans moving into leased garden village homes. Civitas construction, a project that is chaning the Mission Valley hills skyline, stays busy.

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A major plan to develop open space uased as a quarry in the past, the Civitas project opened up modern possibilities for using valley lots. Living foliage, planted in groves, foliage that takes full habitat water flow to grow, welcomes the residents who walk the blocks in an earyl Civitas neighborhood, Origen. Still among the first block neighborhoods built, Altana and Frame & Focus rise to peaceful heights on the valley acreage. Counting how many locals fit in the valley will stay on real estate sellers work slate for many years.

Dreary dirt lands stand ready for the bank building work that makes a Civitas lot fit to build a small village. Early in 2014, growth only stands out small in the sunned acreage seen north of I-8. Work follows a long community development plan.
Homes, and parking, still line up along the community's edge on the Mission Center Road strip just north of Friars Road. At Civitas Mission Valley, the wood and mortar building work never stands still.

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