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Stiletto Stomping Grounds: Royal Oak's female friendly bars

Photo courtesy of MissTA
Photo courtesy of MissTA

Royal Oak's Best Stiletto Shops

  • Stiletto Fetish

  • Sole Sisters

  • Incognito

  • Noir Leather

  • My Shoe Closet

Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, and Lindsay Lohan all have something in common that the average woman does not, and it's not because they are all scandal-laden celebs.  It is because they can go out for a night out on the town with their girls in their 4 1/2" stiletto heels, dance all night (usually on tables, hence the scandal) and walk out as though they were in slippers the entire evening.

Perhaps, if we could all wear Jimmy Choo's or Manolo Blahnik's we could join their ranks, but in the interim, here are your high-heel friendly establishments in Royal Oak.

Ronin Sushi Bar & Restaurant
Ronin is located across from Sangria/Sky Bar and is a great place to rest your dancing soles before an evening of salsa.  The numerous comfy sofas surrounding the window create an intimate conversation area (and provide the perfect view to watch the line - another foot saver!).  If the sofas are full, don't fret, there are plenty of places to sit throughout the restaurant.

Sky Bar
While Sky Bar is best known for their salsa, reggaetone, and R&B, if you get there early enough you can snatch up a sofa or chair.  Their seating surrounds the dance floor, so it's a great place to sit, sip, and chat while showing off those new killer kicks.  Just be careful, the temptation to dance here is strong, so 'move your feet, lose your seat' applies.

Commune Lounge
Formerly Cinq, and located below Bastone, Commune has created multiple seating arrangements varying from side to side booths for two, to open lounge-areas with comfortable seating and a great view of the rest of the bar.  You can even reserve rooms, which is a great option to kick off any girls night out or bachelorette party.

Oak City Grille
Oak City Grille (on Sixth) is always a buzz, yet somehow there are seats still available.  I think this bar must attract 'standers,' which works well for ladies needing a break.  The only down side is half of the place is filled with high top bar tables, so make sure you totally unhook your heels from the bar stools when you stand up (take it from someone who knows first hand).

Mark Ridley's Comedy Castle
Yes, it is a comedy show, so you buy tickets and are guaranteed a seat.  Plus,  they are in downtown Royal Oak and offer 2 time slots.  This is a great idea for a date night, a couple hours of fantastic comedy, which offer your feet enough rest you can brave out those standing room mainly places thereafter.

Royal Oak's Arch-Offenders:
Get to these places early for a seat!
Tom's Oyster Bar -
I was thrilled to get a table here a couple of weekends ago, unfortunately the last time I was so lucky it was lunch.
Black Finn - From the outside, seating seem bountiful.  From the inside, you're standing in a still mosh pit.
Goodnite Gracie's - I love you, but it's a rare evening when you can get and keep a table.
Woody's Diner - Plenty of seating, but it is usually accounted for by the wallflowers, leaving dancers table-less.


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