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Stiletto, stiletto, how do I wear thee comfortably

BCBGeneration Stiletto Heels
BCBGeneration Stiletto Heels
Riya Aarini

A stiletto heel is so delicious to females and some males, alike. The stiletto’s advantage is its leg lengthening optical illusion, its derriere enhancing mechanism and its ability to make the bosom more buxom.

However, many women willingly torture themselves with the powerful allure of wearing a stiletto’s arch-altering, foot-distorting and muscular problem-causing heel.

The stiletto heel requires, at first, a delicate balancing act between the style guru and the beloved 4- to 10-inch heel.

So how do women wear the stiletto heel successfully … that is, without falling and twisting an ankle or breaking a toe? Practice, dears, is what wearing a stiletto heel is all about. It’s better to fall on the carpet of your apartment or living room than it is to suddenly collapse during a night out (unless your fall just looks like a cool dance move, with arms flailing and legs twisted).

Also, pad your precious heel with insoles.

And by golly, buy the right size! If you’re eyeing a pointy toe or peep-toe, aim for a half size or one size bigger. It goes without saying you’ll need to try them on in the store and do a couple supermodel walks and pivots in them first. When you’re confident, take to the streets, er, the clubs and nights out.

You can wear a stiletto heel almost anywhere. Just keep in mind that walking on city sidewalks will, without doubt, be a little daunting, considering the mega cracks and gargantuan holes in the sidewalks, the vents, the falling ice, the running pedestrians trying to catch their train … plus, needless to say, the unpredictable.

Nature is not a stiletto heel’s friend either. You may sink deep into the ground wearing stilettos outdoors. So, just don’t wear your stilettos in the grass, ok?

A little history on this tall drink of water

A stiletto has a long and thin heel, commonly varying in height of 1 to 10 inches (10 inches are found in stilettos with platform heels). The term stiletto comes from “stylus,” which means pin and refers to a pointed instrument. The stiletto heel reached its pinnacle of popularity in the 1950s. During this time, the Italian stiletto was no more than five millimeters in diameter (talk about walking on pins).

Did you know? In the nineteenth century, at a time before their rise to mainstream popularity, the stiletto was a common fetish item.

Other than the beautiful colors and the glorious sheen of the mighty stiletto, the alluring shapes (7-inch platform heels, classic 6-inch stilettos or sky-high stiletto boots), the stilettos are precious shoes to own for a woman (or man) of rank and style.

You can find stiletto heels anywhere quality women’s shoes are sold, from department stores to boutiques. Check out a few shops in Chicago:

Neiman Marcus

737 North Michigan Avenue

Chicago, IL 60611


Christian Louboutin Bollywoody Suede Pumps are $2795.00

Valentino Suede and Crystal Slingback is $1045.00

Macy’s Water Tower

835 North Michigan Avenue

Chicago, IL 60611


Enzo Angiolini Stiletto Evening Pumps are $69.99


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