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Stiletto-heel killing: Texas woman convicted of murder with stiletto heel

A Texas woman was convicted in a strange stiletto-heel killing case, according to an April 8 Christian Science Monitor report. According to the Texas jury's ruling, Ana Trujillo did not kill her boyfriend in self defense when she stabbed him with a stiletto-heel.

Stiletto-heel killing: High-heeled shoe used as murder weapon in Texas
Photo by Anthony Harvey/Getty Images

Ana Trujillo faces a possible sentence of life in prison for being convicted of the stiletto-heel killing where she hit her boyfriend, Alf Stefan Andersson of Houston, at least 25 times in the face with her high-heeled shoe. The victim was a University of Houston professor and researcher. Trujillo claimed she had hit Andersson with her shoe to fend off an attack, but the jury did not find that to be the truth after prosecutors presented evidence that she had a history of violence before she killed her boyfriend with a shoe.

Until the jury convicted her, Trujillo had been out of prison on bond, but upon her conviction, authorities took her into custody. Part of the evidence the jury heard came from a cab driver who had driven the couple home that evening. According to the cab driver, Trujillo had been angry and fighting with Andersson all the way home. Other evidence included that Trujillo did not suffer any type of injuries that would indicate that Andersson had attacked her that night.

The murder weapon was a size 9 platform pump with a 5.5-inch heels. A blue suede stiletto-heel. On the night of the murder, Trujillo admitted to hitting Andersson a couple of times, but the evidence showed she had hit him many more times than that, and ultimately he died as a result of being beaten with the stiletto-heel.

The punishment phase of the stiletto-heel killing trial will start tomorrow. The jury, that took just two hours to find Trujillo guilty, will decide on a punishment which could be as long as life in prison.

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