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Stiletto-heel killing: Jury finds Trujillo guilty in high-heel murder

The jury in the stiletto-heel killing case found Ana Trujillo guilty of murder.
Houston Sheriff's Office

The stiletto-heel killing was not a case of self-defense, a jury concluded Tuesday in convicting Ana Trujillo of murder in the death of her boyfriend last year, the Houston Chronicle reported on April 8.

The lovers’ murder case became known as the stiletto-heel killing because Trujillo stabbed her boyfriend 25 times in the face and neck with her high-heel shoe, killing him. Trujillo, of Houston, had claimed she was a victim of domestic violence when she attacked her lover with her stiletto, but a jury on Tuesday found her guilty of murder after deliberating only two hours.

Now a judge must decide what punishment will be handed down in the stiletto-heel killing. Trujillo faces a maximum sentence of life in prison for murdering Alf Stefan Andersson, 59.

The stiletto-heel killing took place last June. Trujillo’s defense team said that the so-called stiletto-heel killer was a victim of domestic violence who had been choked and nearly suffocated. Prosecutors shot down those claims, noting that no details about the alleged domestic violence ever emerged and that Trujillo offered no evidence that she feared for her life with Andersson.

Trujillo and Andersson, a University of Houston professor and women's health researcher, had been out drinking at a club in the Museum District in Houston the night of the stiletto killing and then went to his luxury condo, where they later began arguing, the Daily News reported. Trujillo called 911, and when police arrived they found Andersson in a pool of blood.

Andersson was struck in the head and face at least 25 times by the stiletto-wielding Trujillo, who used a blue platform pump with a 5-inch heel in the killing.

Andersson’s face was full of puncture wounds that matched the stiletto, the Daily News said, noting that the “bloody shoe fit the crime.”

Trujillo was taking the verdict in the stiletto-heel killing hard, her lawyers said, and would ask for a sentence in the high-heel murder of just two years, according to an article in the Portland Press Herald.

In an ironic twist, the stiletto heels used to kill Andersson was purchased by him for Trujillo at a cost of $1,500, according to KHOU.

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