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Stiletto Beats -- A fashion diary

The world of fashion is a crazy one. It takes a certain type of person to hold on to it's horns and take the industry by storm.

Various posts from
Stiletto Beats creator EJC

Emily Jenny Cholakian -- or EJC -- is conquering the fashion world, one blog post at a time. Stiletto Beats is the name and fashion trends is the game.

EJC, a Glendale native, began Stiletto Beats in 2010 because she, well, had to. Her fashion journalism course at Woodbury University required all students to find a niche market and create a blog, posting weekly throughout the semester.

"It made me realize how much I love to write and kept me inspired," says EJC. "So I decided to keep doing it after the semester was over."

The very catchy name comes from EJC's passion for shoes and music.

"Coming home to a FedEX box on my bed or blasting the perfect song that compliments my mood just makes me feel like everything is going to be alright," explains EJC. "The name just kind of came to me one day and I liked the sound of it."

Stiletto Beats is all about what is hot when it comes to style, color, pattern and of course, shoes. EJC's fashion inspiration comes from other fashion blogs.

"I can spend countless hours hopping from one to the next," says EJC. "I love how each of them have their distinct style -- Jules of Sincerely Jules is super sporty with a fashionable twist while Shea Marie of Cheyenne Meets Chanel is the ultimate Hollywood Hipster.

Of course, fashion icons in the celebrity world also inspire her, like the ever-so-glamorous Victoria Beckham and Rachel Bilson's natural ease. However, EJC has her own style guidelines that she follows.

"I don't have a particular "style" which is what I really love about fashion -- you can change it up all the time," explains EJC. "I dress according to the occassion and my personal vibe of the day."

However, if she were to pinpoint her style, EJC says she is a "peculiar mix of bohemian, classic with a super girly twist.

If you're looking to nab one of EJC's outfits or simply borrow her style, she confesses that she hasn't stepped foot in a mall for over a year.

"I shop mostly online," shares EJC. "I find that the selection is so much better than those found in retail stores. My top sites would probably be Nasty Gal, Asos, Lulus, and Karma Loop."

Although she just graduated with a BBA in Fashion Marketing from Woodbury, EJC already has set goals she'd like to reach soon. Grabbing every opportunity that comes her way, she ultimately sees herself writing for an online publication, attending New York Fashion Week and becoming a fashion reporter -- "move over Joan Rivers."

Currently, EJC continues to run her blog and hopes to gain more followers that are eager to see her next post. She focuses on expressing herself through style and loves having an online diary of her fashion evolution. She poses in all of the styles she writes about and says, "it's going to be awesome looking at it when I'm old and wrinkly." As if the site wasn't keeping her busy enough, EJC recently snagged a position as a Social Media Coordinator for Giuliano Bekor -- a fashion photographer.

EJC loves to do what she's doing and wants others to go after whatever it may be that makes them strive for more in life. To follow EJC's journey, head over to


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