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Stiff competition: Revolutionary new condom company looks for money online

A new condom could be a game-changer but needs online funding for further research
A new condom could be a game-changer but needs online funding for further research
Photo by Brendan Smialowski/Getty Images

For years, condoms have been the most popular contraceptive on the market, yet finding someone who really enjoys using them is harder than...well, you know. Now, an inventor based out of Torrance, California is turning to the internet -- well known for its love of adult-themed material -- to help him realize his dream of a better birth control device.

The somewhat confusingly named Galactic Cap functions much like the cheap friend you sometimes take out for drinks: It only covers the tip. The device has two parts: a U-shaped polyurethane adhesive film base and a cap, which affixes to polyurethane adhesive film base when it’s business time. And like your broke friend, it covers just the bare minimum, know what, just watch this video (but not at your office) if you want to know the science behind it.

OK, so, we can all agree that this is a pretty big breakthrough in baby-prevention technology, even if its main selling point is skin-to-skin contact, which is how many sexually transmitted diseases are spread. Still, if you’re in a monogamous relationship and don’t want to compromise sensitivity for peace-of-mind, this could be a game-changer.

At least the product’s inventor, Charlie Powell, thinks so. That’s why he’s turning to the crowdfunding site Indiegogo to help launch what he calls “the greatest condom in 400 years.” According to the video, Galactic Cap (still not sold on that name) needs money to “ready this product for clinical testing,” the first step toward gaining FDA approval. Powell also believes that his product could help stem HIV infections, which is a worthwhile reason to support his campaign in and of itself.

In fact, Powell believes that he may gain support for what we’re now going to call his “cheap-friend” contraceptive through the adult film industry. A new law recently introduced into the California legislature would require that performers wear condoms when shooting their scenes. Although the porn industry has been united against the bill, Powell thinks his invention could “overcome the problem of using a condom on camera.”

We’ll see. The Galactic Cap’s (nope) Indiegogo campaign kicks off on June 1. Powell is no doubt hoping that, unlike his invention, his fundraising goal will cover the whole thing.

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