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Stifel & Capra rearranged for more art

Artist, Barb Cram, working upstairs
Artist, Barb Cram, working upstairs
James George

The art wall at Stifel & Capra remains downstairs, front and center. Space for more art is featured in and among various “departments” in the vintage collectable store. Things have been rearranged throughout.

Vintage hand-lettered sign picked by Bob Stifel
James George

There are still artists working upstairs near the “porch area” on the second floor. But now, there are “picked items” everywhere. The furs are upstairs along with finer clothing.

Jewelry and popular items remain of the first floor, but everywhere there is a new touch and fresh space.

With commercial gallery space at a premium these days, it is nice to see the store making more room for art on the walls.

We may not need more studio space as much as gallery space to show the work.

The combination of the Falls Church pickers, vintage clothing, and artists is comfy and cozy, don’t you think?