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Patients Stick To Their Goals with New in Office Education Program

The Southeast, OR based Dr. Derek Conklin, at Mountainside Family Dentistry, has found a way to keep New Years Resolutions top of mind for patients.

The end of January is usually the time of year when people lose momentum in reaching their New Years Resolutions. But Dr. Conklin is setting out to change that.

As an ironman triathlete, Dr. Derek Conklin brings his passion for endurance events and goal setting to his dental practice. For the month of February, the Doctor and his compassionate staff are educating patients about the benefits of sticking to their goals, with an in office education program.

When patients come in to the dental office for a cleaning or oral health care service the doctor talks with them about their goals. He shares his passion for focusing on goals and the benefit of seeing them through. Many patients are inspired by his endurance event history and strive to make healthy goals themselves.

“I enjoy sharing my success with setting health goals and seeing them through, it is a pleasure to help patients connect with their goals,” says Dr. Derek Conklin.

Mountainside Family Dentistry takes a comprehensive approach to educating patients about the benefits of good oral health care and strives to make a healthy impact in the lives of their patients.

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