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Stick to the Basics

Roll out of bed. Check. Wash face. Check. Open a drawer that seems to get more massive over time, filled to the top with products. Some of these "essentials" are just the same thing, dressed up in a different label. It is enough to scream "WHY" to the top of your voice. Product overload is in session just in time for the fall transition period. So what can be done to solve this one?

Paring down a beauty regimen is not an easy order. First and foremost, it may take some true detective work to figure out when items were purchased. If something is too old, just chunk it. This saves the face from any expired product and saves valuable counter space.

Is there a super multi tasking product that makes it all better? That depends on what is required. I say a resounding YES!

At times, beauty regimens can offer more problems than solutions. So many products create confusion and some serious makeup overload! The fabulous cosmetics giant Laura Mercier makes some amazing products. The combination of skincare and multi tasking color cosmetics is a winner. Some truly essential items from Laura Mercier are the best and brightest dual purpose products to use that seamlessly translate into that fab fall face.

Primers are essential tools for a fresh perfected foundation application, but sometimes there are major benefits in using them Laura Mercier makes just the one to stash.

For a look of healthy skin, just pick up a tube of Laura Mercier's Foundation Primer with Radiance. Light reflecting particles join forces with stay put yet light and fresh feeling cream to make a barely there second skin prep for any foundation. Or just wear it alone.

Speaking of primers, Laura Mercier didn't stop with the one like many other lines. She has 7! Yes, seven primers designed for all types of skincare issues. This supports the theory that cosmetics not only cover, but improve the look of our skin.

Why does the face alone deserve a pretty smooth canvas? The eyes are gorgeous windows inside the mind. Make those peepers pop more by adding a base that helps any shadow make a true impression. Days of disappearing eyeshadow are now a thing of the past with this incredible fixer: Eye Basics.

Laura Mercier's Eye Basics is anything but... This is a go-to for amazing eyeshadow looks. It is a base in a super portable tube that just gives a great wash of color in subtle nude tones. These are great primers for any shadow application. There are several Eye Basics to choose from. A great mid tone that would suit any complexion is the Wheat shade. Use this one from lid to beneath the brow to ensure all day glam eye looks without a single smear or budge.

Serums are the worker of the cosmetics business. They work to make those skin sins seem to evaporate. Laura Mercier has a serum that is a must have. Multi Vitamin Serum solves major skincare issues with one product. Make the dryness go away as well as imparting a natural glow. Put the first signs of aging at bay while brightening complexions. A one-stop skin solution is the idyllic product that searches are made of.

Adding a few key products to the mix means less time pouring over makeup and more time left to do what people love doing each day. Save time and frustration by checking out the fabulous Laura site.

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