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· Shout-out to Louis at McDonald’s on Meyer and Troost: Your cheerful approach to customer service is more potent than caffeine. Keep up the great work!

· I had to rescue my boyfriend from his apartment Sunday night after the cops ordered an evacuation after finding a dead guy in a meth lab directly above my sweetie’s unit. Sorry, slumlords: I don’t think it’s the least bit safe, as it’s caused him dizziness and sleep disorders.

· A toast: To Melissa at Denny’s by Bartle---you spoil me. Don’t stop, though.

· Has the Internet changed the face of debate? Since citing your sources on an e-mail is as simple as a few clicks and some cut-and-paste, I’ll bet those index cards just aren’t the same now…..

· The latest fad among petty tyrants seems to be committing genocide, then challenging America overlook it. Our economy can’t really stand the expense of another war, but can we either afford to turn a blind eye? I’m torn, unless Syria is really serious about surrendering their WMD’s.

· The young man who confessed on video to the DUI death of an older gentleman is turning the world on its ear: No other inmates ever seem to show the guts to admit to wrongdoing, so they may not know how to deal with this guy. Which leads me to wonder if, indeed, he should be incarcerated. I’m not saying he should be rewarded for his honesty---but then again, neither is he. But his message cannot and should not be ignored.

· Any thoughts on which thoroughfare will see a successful renaissance first, Troost or Independence Avenue?



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