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Stevie Stone

Stevie Stone is a very lyrical rapper who hails from the heart of the nation.  He is signed to Ruthless Records. Other artists who appear on this label is the founder Eazy-E, N.W.A, and Suge Knight.  Don't all these rappers hail from the West Coast?  Yes, they do, however Ruthless Records is expanding to the likes of Stevie Stone and Kansas City crazy man rapper Tech N9ne.  

Stevie Stone posting up by his whip looking real thuggish.
Stevie Stone

Stevie Stone, a 25-year-old Columbia, Missouri native, is poised and ready to deliver.  A hip-hop hero in the making, Stone is here to save the day, ready to leap through lyrics and bound through bass at any given moment.  Composed of lyrical versatility, broad range and diverse music, he can easily be referred to as hip-hop’s bionic man.

Stone released his debut album "New Kid Comin" with Ruthless Records on October 13, 2009.  He says his past released CD shows his musical originality.  “People say I don’t sound like anyone else,” Stone says. “From the first track on, it’s a roller-coaster ride, taking you through everything I feel. I switch it up.”


Stone's album is complete with smart and witty lyricism, neologisms known as Himmi Hyme come from Stone's Himmihyminary (a dictionary of self-created lingo), bumping baselines, and an uncanny yet appealing sound that just cannot be pigeonholed. From the title track and certified arrival anthem that boasts of impacting vocals over sparse yet percolating percussion to the dance-inciting, hard hitting, and hypnotizing melodic arrangement of Rap Gamez Callin', Stone shows his dues debt has paid off. His first album and he's already locked down collaborations with, Tech9 on the head bobbing banger Midwest Explosion, and the iconic funk doctor George Clinton on the Stone's remake of Red Wine.

If you have not copped you a copy of this up and coming midwest artist, I highly recommend doing so.  As Stone mentioned, it is very much a fun roller coaster ride through the traps to the club to leaning sideways in your cadillacs.  


Himmi Hyme! 


  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    This article is full of inaccuracies. Man, this is Columbia's Hip Hop writer?? This is sad... Somebody let me know if you need a real, street educated, street educated, hip-hop head to write real stories. Does anyone even fact check this stuff!?

  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    streed educated, book educated that is...