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Stevie Nicks to play herself on 'AHS: Coven' tomorrow night

Stevie Nicks to appear on 'American Horror Story' tomorrow alongside Lily Rabe, who plays her biggest fan Misty Day.
Stevie Nicks to appear on 'American Horror Story' tomorrow alongside Lily Rabe, who plays her biggest fan Misty Day.
Michele K. Short/FX.

Coven, this season's installment of "American Horror Story," returns tomorrow night after a 3-week holiday break with episode 10 (of 13), entitled The Magical Delights of Stevie Nicks, with the rock icon appearing as herself (according to IMDb). Coven character Misty Day (Lily Rabe), clearly obsessed with the singer-songwriter, calls Nicks the "White Witch."

Nicks, indeed, has been linked to witchcraft. She copyrights her music under Welsh Witch Music, a reference to "Rhiannon," a song she wrote about a prominent figure in Welsh mythology, which appeared on her first album with Fleetwood Mac in 1976. Nicks denies being wiccan, but her respect for myth and her gypsy style perpetuate the rumors. While Wikipedia identifies Don Henley's primary inspiration for The Eagles song "Witchy Woman" as Zelda Fitzgerald (wife of author F. Scott), rumors persist that Nicks, who Henley later dated, is the witchy woman in question.

No wonder Nicks' association with witchcraft continues. Just watch Nicks perform, twirling around in long, flowing skirts and shawls, singing about the Welsh witch, and, in "Gypsy," the line "she was just a wish," where "wish" sounds much like "witch." Her latest album, released in 2011, includes "Annabel Lee," adapted from a poem by the king of gothic horror Edgar Allan Poe, another called "Moonlight (A Vampire's Dream)" and a third titled "New Orleans," which just happens to be the setting for Coven. Nicks should feel right at home on "American Horror Story."

It's because of Nicks' association with witchcraft, whether erroneous or not, that "AHS" creator Ryan Murphy himself became a little obsessed with her (according to Entertainment Weekly). His own fixation inspired Rabe's character Misty, whose hair, makeup and style of dress mirror Nicks. Murphy told EW, "In episode 3, Lily does a brilliant one-minute Stevie Nicks twirl. It'a all about my love of Stevie Nicks." He explains that the isolated Misty relates to Nicks as the only other witch she's ever known. Click here to watch a fan-created video showing "AHS" scenes of Misty and Zoe (Taissa Farmiga), including the twirl.

Nicks' music appeared in Coven long before the woman herself. Misty played "Rhiannon" for Zoe in Coven's second episode (Boy Parts), which also featured Nicks' "Edge of Seventeen." Nicks' "Sara" plays in Misty's cabin in episode 3 (The Replacements) when Zoe enters to find Misty and Kyle (Evan Peters) lying peacefully on the bed. In episode 6, The Axeman Cometh, Nicks' duet with Henley, "Leather and Lace," plays while Misty bathes Kyle.

Misty, the life-giving witch, was burned at the stake in the first episode and evidently revitalized herself. Since then, she's brought back Myrtle (Frances Conroy) and Madison (Emma Roberts). Does that mean that when she dies of a coronary from meeting her idol Stevie Nicks, she will be able to bring herself back again? And how will Nicks fit into the current plotlines? Is Queenie dead? Will Misty bring her back too? Fans will have to tune in to FX for tomorrow night's episode (at 10 pm Eastern) to see.

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