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Stevie J on drugs? 'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta' star fails drug test

Music producer Stevie J attends the 12th Annual BMI Urban Awards at the Saban Theatre on September 7, 2012 in Beverly Hills, California.
Photo by David Livingston/Getty Images

So it's really starting to look like "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" star Stevie J may have a drug problem. There have been reports for months that Stevie J and supposed wife Joseline were partying hard. Rumors of drug use by Atlanta's hot couple has been persistent and now at least Stevie J can't really deny it. On Tuesday TMZ reported that Stevie J failed a drug test earlier this month in Atlanta. According to reports the test results are in and Stevie J was positive for marijuana and cocaine.

Rumors that Stevie J and Joseline were abusing cocaine have been pretty common for several months. In early May they got even hotter when Joseline posted a picture to Instagram of Stevie J. The picture of Stevie showed him from his profile and it looks like he had a white powder in his nose.

The picture has since been deleted from Joseline's Instagram but the internet is a funny thing. Several "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" fans saw the picture and copied it.

This new report comes out right along with more Joseline rumors. Turns out after all the jokes she had for Mimi Faust, Joseline Hernandez has her own sex tape too. Allegedly there's a new hot tape out there and Vivid has already said they'd consider distributing it. Allegedly the tape features Joseline and two other people that aren't Stevie J. It's unclear when the tape was made but some reports say it was done years ago when Joseline was still working as a dancer.

Joseline and Stevie J have been having a rough go of it during this season of "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta." There were allegations that Stevie J and Joseline took "Baseball Wives" star Anna Benson's things while she was in jail and they were supposed to be helping her. She even pointed out her expensive plates that they were eating from and showing off in pictures on Instagram.

To make matters worse, their former booking agent Dawn further exposed Stevie J and Joseline as phonies. She claims they rent everything including their new huge house and all their cars. She also insists the two aren't really married and that they are faking how well off they are. That would make sense if Stevie J can't even take care of his child support.

Then the allegations that their marriage is fake just won't die. Probably because they can't prove they are married or they would have done that by now. It was also just revealed on the latest episode that Stevie J had sex with Benzino's fiance Althea Heart. Of course Stevie J denied it to Joseline but the truth will come out and there will probably be a huge televised fight about it.

There really hasn't been a positive story line this season on "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" with Joseline and Stevie J. With Stevie J's drug issues exposed, what do you think of Stevie J and Joseline? Do you think they are living beyond their means? Do you think either one of them or both have a drug problem. Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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