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Stevie J child support drama: 'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta' star bonds out of jail

Music producer Stevie J attends the 12th Annual BMI Urban Awards at the Saban Theatre on September 7, 2012 in Beverly Hills, California.
Photo by David Livingston/Getty Images

Stevie J of "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" was jailed earlier this week on charges that he failed to pay more than $1 million in child support to the mother of two of his children. Fans of the hit VH1 reality series will be happy to know that Stevie J is back home safe and sound. According to a Thursday report by the Miami Herald, Stevie denies charges that he failed to pay child support to Carol Bennett for his two teenage children.

When asked about the charges, Stevie J says he is innocent. A lawyer for the hip hop producer and songwriter says that Stevie J has been a model parent and both his children with Bennett were well cared for both financially and emotionally by Stevie.

A child support order for the children was issued in 1999 to the tune of $6,600 a month. In 2001, that support order was increased to $8,600 monthly. That's a pretty substantial amount to raise two children with but their mother Carol Bennett says she isn't getting the money. It has been reported that she never got a dime and that is why Stevie is now in arrears to the tune of $1 million.

According to All Hip Hop, Stevie J is being paid somewhere in the neighborhood of $193,000 per season of "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta." He still gets residuals for the hits he produced for the likes of Notorious B.I.G. and Diddy. He has written hit songs for Eve and Mariah Carey as well. With the music success Stevie J has had, residuals alone should make him very wealthy. So if he's too broke to pay child support, where is that money going?

Throughout the third season of "LAHHATL" fans have seen Stevie and Joseline living it up in their fancy new house. They eat on expensive china and are seen living a very posh life. That seems to all be crashing down though as the Atlanta power couple are getting exposed. According to their former booking agent Dawn, the two don't really own anything. Their house is a rental and cars are leased.

According to Anna Benson of "Baseball Wives," the expensive furnishings of Stevie J's new house were taken from her while she was in jail. Stevie had been trusted to take care of her things for a few months and she alleges that he stole her stuff. There is even a story line this season where Mimi is trying her best to prove that Stevie J and Joseline aren't really married. It looks like everything about them is fake.

So what do you think about Stevie J's recent child support arrest? Does he not have the money to take care of his kids? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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