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Steven Tyler gives fan a voice mail message she will never forget

Steven Tyler
Photo by Araya Diaz

Steven Tyler gave a fan something she will never forget when he was on the "Tonight Show." On Friday, MSN shared about this great message that he shared. It will actually be her message that everyone hears when they call to talk to her. It all went down on "Tonight Show" but most fans know him as a singer and from being a judge on the hit reality TV show "American Idol."

Everyone at the show was entered into a door prize. It was a great prize where they actually won having Steven Tyler make their voice mail message. The winner was a woman named Mary and she seemed happy. She gave Tyler a side hug when she told him her name and waited for him to record the message.

He actually sang it to the tune of his song "I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing." The message said, "Mary isn't here right now, so leave a message at the tone and include your name 'cause she don't want to miss your call." This woman will probably never change her message and might even not answer the phone on purpose so people hear it. You know her family and friends are going to love hearing it.

Tyler obviously enjoyed what he did too. He has been on his Twitter page and retweeting a few articles about it and sharing it with his fans. This may become something that his fans ask for on a regular basis when they do meet and greets now after the idea is in their head. It could be something a lot of artists decide to start doing for their fans.

This is a pretty good prize to win. It was easy for Steven Tyler to give it out, didn't cost any money, but is something that Mary will remember forever and can keep. Great job on that one Steven Tyler and "The Tonight Show." You may have just discovered something that will be happening on shows all the time.

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