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Steven Tyler gets a tiny American Idol sign to cover his lips in case he swears

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Steven Tyler who found himself in the hot seat over the past audition season of American Idol was a good sport tonight when he was given a personal ‘bubble’ by Ryan Seacrest on American Idol. The funny little sign had the American Idol logo in full color on a stick was a personal present.

The entertainer couldn’t wait to show it off and immediately upon getting his new gift, he tried it out. Tyler put the funny bubble over the bottom half of his face and said a few words (that were immediately bleeped out.) While we don’t know what was said, we definitely know that the worry of someone reading Steven Tyler’s lips on the live show won’t be a problem for the executive producers of the live portion of American Idol.

In the entertainment business, it is completely possible to bleep out live television audio as there is a seven second delay, but the actual digital image is another story. To remove or blur an image from the broadcast it would have to be digitally edited and that couldn’t be done instantly. It could be done in an hour, but that even would be pushing it for time so this simple sign is a perfect solution.

American Idol has been very clear, after Steven Tyler’s accident where fans complained they could read his lips to see a nasty word, it wouldn’t happen. Who would have thought the resolution would be paper on a stick? This is too funny!