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Steven Sotloff beheaded: Executioner says 'I'm back Obama' in beheading video

The executioner mentions Barack Obama by name in the video where he cuts off the head of Steven Sotloff, 31, the second American Journalist to be killed by beheading. Sotloff gives a statement “clearly under duress” before the executioner with a British accent talks, blaming this on President Obama right before horrifically ending this man’s life, saying “I’m back, Obama, and I’m back because of your arrogant foreign policy towards the Islamic State,” reports the New York Times on Sept. 2.

Steven Sotloff beheaded and on the video the executioner had a message for Obama.

Sotloff was more than likely given a scripted message when he says that he is “paying the price” for the U.S. intervention.
This is what is reported to be seen on the latest video released online of the beheading of another American journalist. While it is apparently the filmed death of Steven Sotloff, the U.S. has not confirmed this video as of yet. A number of news outlets have watched the video and have offered details of what was seen on this video. The Sotloff family believes that the video is authentic.

The Sotloff family has been notified of the video and have issued a statement saying they believe that Steven has been killed and they asked to be left alone to mourn their loss. Steven’s mother had made a plea to her son’s captures last week, but the today’s outcome indicates that it was to no avail, reports Fox News today.

In the video, just like the first one when James Foley was killed, another hostage is seen. Sotloff was seen in the video that showed the killing of Foley. This leaves many to think that the world has seen just two beheading events out of a line of many to come unless something is done to stop this. ISIS was threatening a third captive, a Briton it identified as David Cawthorne Haines, as the next beheading victim, the SITE group said.

The video is meant to convey several messages, reports Fox News live today. The executioner could be the same man who beheaded Foley, but the news anchors who saw this video say it sounds as if his voice was digitally modified in some way, as it is a bit different on the video with Foley.

Sotloff was kidnapped when crossing Syria from Turkey in 2013. He was born and raised in South Florida and he had a very successful journalism career with articles featured in Time Magazine, Media Line, World Affairs, Foreign Policy Magazine and the National Interest to name a few.

What is the president and his administration going to do as the second American is beheaded and his death tape is posted online? No one seems to know, but people are looking for decisive leadership around these atrocities to American citizens, but so far nothing decisive has surfaced.

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