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Steven Seagal ponders run at Arizona governor: Borders his pet peeve

Steven Seagal thinking about Arizona governor run.
Steven Seagal thinking about Arizona governor run.
Photo by Kristina Nikishina

Actor Steven Seagal is pondering a run at the governor’s seat for the state of Arizona. Seagal is already fighting crime in the desert state with the man who calls himself the "toughest sheriff in America," Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpalo.

According to Slate on Jan. 5, in Seagal’s reality show “Steven Seagal – Lawman: Maricopa County,” he is a civilian that works with the sheriff to fight crime. Seagal said he’s talked over a bid at the governor’s seat with his co-worker and friend Arpalo.

Working in Arizona has the movie tough guy citing the open borders as one of the biggest problems facing the nation today. While running for governor may entice this martial arts expert, he says he has a lot more important issues he needs to address. The open borders being one of those issues.

Seagal thinks the nation should be paying more attention to the nation’s borders. The 61-year-old defended his sheriff friend whose critics have called him racist for wanting the borders tightened up. Seagal said that his friend is not a racist because “he doesn’t care what nationality you are, he cares if you are a criminal.”

Seagal has had his fair share of scandal in recent years. There was a woman who made claims that he was trying to keep her as a “sex toy” while he was filming this reality show and she filed a sexual harassment lawsuit. The show, which was thought to be dead in the water after this, was revived when it was picked up by the cable channel Reetz.