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Steven Seagal next Governor of Arizona? Star ponders upcoming race

Steven Seagal going to be the next Governor of Arizona? Well it worked for action star Arnold Schwarzenegger, so why not the “Marked for Death” actor too? According to the Daily Mail on Sunday the Hollywood actor is really considering a run for Arizona governor.

While some fans might think this idea sounds funny, the actor is serious. Not only has he recorded a reality series “'Steven Seagal – Lawman: Maricopa County” with cameras riding along with him in the community as an officer of the law, he’s been interested in politics and fighting crime for some time.

Steven Seagal might be mulling the idea, but he told ABC News that he feels the number one problem facing the United States is the open borders. People traveling across country lines has the star concerned about what is coming into America and how it can be better controlled.

Would people actually vote for Steven Seagal as governor? As a pal with Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Segal knows about the immigration and border patrol issues that face the state of Arizona. Will Segal as a governor, offer the same tough crime prevention that Sheriff Joe offers, making efficient administrative teamwork between the county and the state? Offering a tough stance on what can be done along with a little star power, the entertainer might swap his celebrity lifestyle to help others and run the state. Of course, it would need to be with permission by the Arizona voters.

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