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Steven Seagal, Kelly LeBrock's daughter proves beauty is not tied to size

Arissa LeBrock is the March cover girl for a plus sized women's magazine as well as the daughter of actor celebrities Steven Seagal and Kelly LeBrock, a former model herself. And on March 26, 2014, PLUS Model magazine said that the Dorothy Combs model "made us laugh" and that "she went on to become one of our favorite models to work with."

Arissa LeBrock, daughter of Steven Seagal and model Kelly LeBrock graces plus-sized magazine cover.
Arissa LeBrock Facebook

That's high praise for a relatively new model on the modeling circuit, and a departure from what one might expect from the child of two celebrities, especially a controversial father who thinks Vladimir Putin is the world's greatest leader, and a mother who pleaded with the world "don't hate me because I'm beautiful" in those old Pantene commercials from the 80s.

Yet this young budding celebrity seems to have inherited the best from both of her parents: beauty and strength. And that will serve her well in the tough field of modeling. Fortunately, LeBrock has the stunning good looks and great skin her mother was blessed with when she scored the aforementioned Pantene job.

And even though Arissa LeBrock told the PLUS Model magazine interviewer that one of her fondest memories as a youth was to "sit in awe" at makeup brushes and paints brought to her home by a makeup artist visiting her mother, she appears to not really need any help in that regard to look beautiful.

So maybe she needs to be the one telling television viewers and magazine readers not to "hate me because I'm beautiful" in this decade, where plus-sized women dominate more than skinnier girls of the past? And maybe Pantene will offer her a hair commercial too, as she has the most gorgeous blonde locks, and it would be the best bang for their advertising buck, especially if they showed clips of her mother from the 80s commercial and then showed the newest LeBrock washing her hair.

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