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Steven Seagal is a man of many talents: Will he be the next governor of Arizona?

Steven Seagal is most certainly a man of many talents. He began his adult life as an instructor of Aikido in Japan and achieved a seventh dan black belt which in itself is amazing and dedication to this martial art. Steven is also an American action film star and has fans worldwide who sit engrossed in their seats upon watching each and every film he has starred in.

Will Steven Seagal really run for governor?
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Some of his other achievements aside from being a star and martial artist include being a writer, producer and reserve deputy sheriff. In the latest news stories on from Politico on Jan. 4 and Slate on Jan. 5 Steven Seagal is now considering running for governor of the state of Arizona. He certainly has the training, background in law enforcement and is up on political problems that the county is facing.

One of the biggest beefs he seems to have is the open borders around the country. He believes that the nation should be tightening up security and paying attention to borders and border patrol to protect this nation he lives in and loves.

Too many people seem to come and go at will and that includes criminals and drug traffickers. There are enough issues to deal with within the states without having additional problems walk across the border into country of the free and the brave.

Steven Seagal is sixty-one years old and has the spirit and heart of our nation in mind. His past experience and knowledge are great assets and if he decides to do more than just ponder the idea of running for governor of Arizona it seems that many people will be voting for his placement and know he will be first for the people of the state in this wonderful country called the United States of America.

Good luck Mr. Seagal whatever you decide to do in the future!

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