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Steven Seagal back in the news for Vladimir Putin project, ranch sale

Russian President Vladimir Putin seeks help from martial arts expert and actor Steven Seagal.
Russian President Vladimir Putin seeks help from martial arts expert and actor Steven Seagal.
AFP/Getty Images

The saying "you can't keep a good man down" might be used to describe martial arts expert and actor Steven Seagal if you consider that he came through a sexual harassment scandal just fine four years ago, and his wife Kelly LeBrock has yet to publish her book claiming "I was constantly abused and raped my whole life". Add to that the fact that Vladimir Putin sought the actor's help with his new Soviet-style fitness workout plans for his country last year, according to the Washington Post on March 26, 2014, and it appears Seagal is overcoming obstacles like his fictional movie characters, while dodging personal bullets, too.

According to Putin, when he and Seagal got together last year it was to discuss how to inspire the majority of Russian citizens to strive for the gold in physical fitness excellence that has helped make the Native American martial arts hero such a success in films and television efforts. And this was before Russia won 33 of the Sochi Olympic medals.

The Russian leader obviously came away from the meeting last March with enough advice from his American friend to guide his Olympic teams, and now, almost a year to the day, is launching the national state fitness effort called "Ready for Labor and Defense."

And maybe that is why Steven Seagal is selling his Shasta Valley ranch in the U.S., possibly needing to make a move to another country to assist Putin with more hands-on help? Seagal put the ranch up for sale for $12 million dollars, according to a March 24, 2014 LA Times article. And considering the fact that the Northern California property boasts three homes--a 14,000-square-foot log home, a 4,200-square-foot house, and a guest house--in addition to the barns and corrals on the 4,400-acre cattle ranch, it appears it is worth every penny.

For his part, the father to the PLUS Model magazine's March cover girl, Arissa LeBrock, Steven appears to be as fond of Putin as the Russian leader is of him, telling the press that when it comes to Putin,

I know him well enough to know that he is one of the greatest world leaders, if not the greatest world leader alive." Ouch President Obama.

In that case, the Lawman actor would likely be very open to moving to foreign soil to help the Russians get their citizens in ship shape, especially since he is so revered in that country, and by its leader. And it doesn't hurt that the U.S. appears to be ready to tax the wealthy even more if the Democrats get another four years in the highest office--and gain control of both houses of Congress.

The Dark Vengeance actor obviously feels a respect for other leaders in foreign states as well, telling the press in Romania in November 2013 that the mayor of Bucharest was to be commended for building "an amazing shelter" for dogs instead of rounding them up and executing them after a little girl was killed by stray dogs. Seagal even adopted a dog and donated 20,000 pounds of dog food to aid that effort, choosing to show up at the Dogtown charity event as well, according to this video.

So what do you think about the American action star partnering with Vladimir Putin and believing him to be possibly the greatest world leader?

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