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Steven's Top Three Greatest Forgotten Games

Artwork from "World in Conflict."
Artwork from "World in Conflict."
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These days we’re surrounded by long-standing franchises like Call of Duty, Battlefield, Wolfenstein, Far Cry, X-COM, and many others. But there have also been wonderful titles in the past that haven’t received an expansion, sequel, or reboot in ages. What happened to them, and why didn’t they stay up to date? This article is dedicated to those excellent games that were once popular but since faded from memory.

#3 - World in Conflict

This strategy title received a whopping “9.5” out of 10 at in 2007 and it’s easy to see why. It was such a different experience from other RTS games in that players didn’t have to spend the first few minutes of each match gathering resources, establishing an economy, and building bases and units. Instead, World in Conflict brought you into the action from the get-go, allowing you to summon any combination of units under a population cap. The single player story was both fun and surprisingly moving, as you follow characters in an alternate version of 1989, where the Soviets invade America. Multiplayer matches were epic, with up to 16 players in an 8v8 match. The expansion, Soviet Assault, was released in 2009, but it received poor reviews due to its lack of content. A “Complete Edition” including the Soviet Assault expansion was also released in 2009, but since then there have been no other expansions, sequels, or spinoffs. You can still pick up the “Complete Edition” in most stores that sell computer games for about $20 or less.

#2 – Homeworld

Harder to find in stores is the Homeworld series, the first game that brought real-time strategy to the three dimensional field of outer space, where you could command everything from small fighters to the massive mothership as you brought an exiled alien race back to their home on the planet Hiigara. Even though no one has seen a Homeworld game in over a decade, Gearbox Software has acquired the license for it and will be releasing a Homeworld Remastered Collection at the end of this year, and will include updated graphics and audio!

#1 – No One Lives Forever

Also not seen in over decade is this game: a first-person shooter with stealth elements and a lot of humor. 2000’s The Operative: No One Lives Forever stars a female spy protagonist, Cate Archer, who goes up against the terrorist organization, H.A.R.M. in the 1960s. Players get around in the game not just with their guns, but also with gadgets often disguised as female fashion accessories like lipstick and makeup. Players use these gadgets to do a variety of things like disable video cameras or dissolve dead bodies. 2002’s No One Lives Forever 2 improved upon things by allowing players to level up their stealth abilities, like hiding or picking locks. A spinoff called Contract J.A.C.K. came out in 2003, and let players work for H.A.R.M. as a contract mercenary. Since then there have been no other spinoffs, sequels, or reboots, and it’s a shame. No One Lives Forever was incredibly fun, with witty dialogue and a perfect combination of stealth and spy action. You can still find these three titles on for a reasonable price.

Have any other long-forgotten titles in mind? Share them in the comments section below!

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