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Steven Robles shark attack: Furious at fishermen laughing on video at attack

Steve Robles appeared on “Fox and Friends” Monday morning to talk about the shark attack he endured over the weekend. Robles, who is a competitive swimmer, is going to need some time before he can get back into the water after what he went through off the shore of Manhattan Beach this holiday weekend.

Great white shark attacks swimmer off Manhattan Beach. He was snagged by a fisherman and trying to get off the line when the swimmer swam near this fishing event.
YouTube screen shot

Robles describes how he came eye to eye with the great white shark once his torso was clamped in his jaws, according to MSN Today News on July 7. He said he “grabbed its nose” and “I started to pull it off of me.” He feels he got lucky that the shark released him when he did.

This shark attack could have been avoided and the swimmer is pointing the finger at the group of fishermen on the Manhattan Beach pier who were chumming for shark and had this shark on a fishing line for 40 minutes before it attacked Robles. He thought “that this might be it,” the end of his life, when the shark had him gripped in his jaws, according to USA Today.

Robles called those fishermen “irresponsible” and he got to see the raw footage that the fishermen took when the shark attacked him and he found these guys “sick.” They can be heard laughing as the shark attacks Robles, who said it is disgusting how these people acted.

The shark was irate as it was captive on the end of the fishing line and when Robles swam within its area, it attacked because it was aggravated by fighting the fisherman on the other end of the line for all that time.

The swimmer doesn’t understand why these fishermen were fishing for shark off the Manhattan Pier with swimmers and surfers all around. They were actually throwing chum into the water to attract the great whites. This is not allowed at this location.

The fishermen told authorities they were fishing for another type of sea creature and not the great white, which is not allowed off the pier. They also said that they kept the shark on the line for the 40 minutes because they didn’t want to release him with all the people in the water. After listening to them laughing as the shark comes upon Robles, you might question their sincerity.

An investigation into this incident is underway. Robles is thankful to be alive after this ordeal, he really thought he was about to die when he came eye to eye with the seven foot great white.

Once the people around Robles realized he was bit, they swam to him and put him on someone’s surf board to float him into shore. He said he couldn’t thank the rescuers enough, saying this is “huge, thank you” then he asked them for a hug.

He was swimming with a group of competitive swimmers, 14 in all. This is something they do every weekend, swim pier to pier on Manhattan Beach. Robles blames the stupidity of the group of buddies fishing for that great white for almost getting him killed.

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