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Steven Fisher-Melisa Gregory: Terry 'Terri' Supino arrested horse ranch murders

Iowa true-crime cold-case
Iowa true-crime cold-case
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Steven Fisher-Melisa Gregory, Terry Supino Copper Dollar Horse Ranch murders case: The DesMoines Register is reporting today that a suspect in a 31-year-old Iowa cold case has been arrested. Jasper police have identified the suspect as Theresa Supino aka Terry 'Terri' Supino. Supino is the estranged wife of double murder victim Steven Fisher, 20, who was murdered with a claw hammer on a ranch three decades ago, along with his girlfriend 17-year-old Melisa Gregory aka Melissa Gregory. Terri Supino, 53, is charged with two counts of first-degree murder.

Case background: Steven Fisher-Melisa Gregory Iowa Cold Case

20-year-old Steven Fisher was separated from his wife Terri Supino. In 1983, Steven Fisher was dating 17-year-old Melisa Gregory. The young lovers were murdered at the Copper Dollar Ranch, where Steven Fisher was employed. The Copper Dollar Ranch is a horse ranch in Newton. Police always had a suspect in mind but were unable to make an arrest due to lack of evidence.

Case themes: Fatal attraction, scorned lover, cold case, love triangle

Murder type: Beaten to death, claw hammer

Steven Fisher-Melisa Gregory timeline


March 2

Steven Fisher is spending the night in a trailer with his girlfriend Melisa Gregory at the Copper Dollar Ranch in Newton.

March 3

Steven Fisher is at the Copper Dollar Ranch with his girlfriend Melisa Gregory.

A worker finds the dead bodies of Steven Fisher and Melisa Gregory.

Police arrive at the crime scene and find the victims. Police believe the pair was shot to death but later confirm the couple was bludgeoned to death with a claw hammer.

Family members believe that Terry Supino is responsible for the murders.

Police suspect that Terry Supino is involved but are unable to make an arrest.

The Steven Fisher-Copper Dollar Ranch murder case goes cold for 31 years.

2012 and keep the unsolved Copper Dollar Ranch murder case in the public eye.



Today's Update: Jasper County Sherrif's announce in a press conference that Theresa Supino aka Terry Supino of Altoona has been arrested and charged with two counts of first-degree murder in the deaths of Steven Fisher and Melisa Gregory.

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