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Steven Fales' "Mormon American Princess: A Cabaret Confection" at the Onyx Theatre for 3 more nights



Steven Fales’ self-proclaimed Cabaret Confection “Mormon American Princess” is a lot of fun. Fales confesses that “God has seen me through ex-communication, divorce, prostitution, and drugs, now we’re working on narcissism – and it’s not going well. When everything you know about being human comes from Utah; about being American comes from Las Vegas; and about being gay comes from the Penthouses of New York – be very afraid!”


Fales is a gay, Mormon actor, best known for his one-person play “Confessions of A Mormon Boy” which tells his story. It documents his experience of being a gay Mormon and coming out in that repressed society. While an incredibly talented singer and performer, “Mormon American Princess” leaves us wanting more. If you haven’t seen “Confessions of A Mormon Boy” there will be holes in Fales’ story that will want filling in. He gives us glimpses into his past in the sex industry as an escort, and not having seen the previous show I wanted to know the juicy details. In between songs we find out that he was married to a woman in the Mormon faith and is a father. Again, I was aching to know more. The tidbits of information here and there weren’t enough to satisfy my curiousity and to really make the cabaret act gel as a whole if you’re not familiar with who Steven Fales is. It’s mentioned in passing that Fales was an addict (Crystal Meth). Oh, how delicious hearing about that would have been, as Fales is the consummate performer. If Fales added more storytelling to his cabaret act, it would be an absolutely brilliant concoction. He’s delightful and adorable and a fantastic singer. Fales’ belting of show tunes, with revised lyrics about his experience, are wonderful to behold. The show left me wanting more. Much more.


If you’ve seen “Confessions of A Mormon Boy,” don’t miss this performance at the Onyx Theatre in Las Vegas, east of the strip, located in Commercial Center. It’s only here for two more nights – tonight and tomorrow, Sunday, May 9th at 8:00 p.m. and Monday, May 10th at 10:00 p.m.

Ticket price: $25

The Onyx Theatre is located in Commercial Center at:

953 E. Sahara Bl. #16, Las Vegas 89104

(702) 732-7225


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